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School Professional Development Training

Built On Rock is proud to offer comprehensive teacher training programs in the critical areas of classroom management and student discipline. Our tailored training aligns seamlessly with school Title II allocations, ensuring that educators receive the necessary support to create positive and inclusive learning environments. Through evidence-based strategies and interactive workshops, our training empowers parents, teachers, and educators with the skills to effectively manage classrooms, address diverse student needs with a positive approach, and foster a conducive atmosphere for academic success. Investing in teacher development through Built On Rock not only maximizes the impact of Title II funding but also contributes to the overall enhancement of educational outcomes for students across diverse backgrounds and abilities.


For maximum impact, our professional development workshop can be paired with an evening workshop for parents. This opportunity provides support for the family environment and also a language and framework for teachers and parents to utilize in common.

Paige,  5th Grade Teacher

"Jarrett and Luisa empowered me to approach misbehavior as an opportunity for growth and connection rather than a frustrating interruption to be controlled. I know I can expect misbehavior, but I also know I am equipped to help my students identify their strengths, initiate repair, and grow in virtue!"

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