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Connected Families Framework

The Connected Families Framework

This is the framework that has transformed thousands of families over the past few decades. It both summarizes the entire content of Connected Families, and acts as a step-by-step process to guide our parenting in even the most difficult moments. It also sets the direction for how we coach, how to treat our spouse, and all of the other relationships we navigate in our lives!

Through our coaching, you will learn how to flip the pyramid in your family, so that your foundation is not built on correcting and maintaining good behavior in your children, but on relentlessly communicating to them: "Child, you are safe with me, and you are loved no matter what!" From the security of God's steadfast love radiating through you, and the genuine delight you find in them, you will better be able to come alongside and powerfully coach your children into their own calling and capability, and correct them wisely in the Lord, so that, from toddlers to teenagers, they grow in owning their responsibility for the choices they make - without ever doubting that you are 100% for them and their long-term happiness!

Join us today, and journey into this delightful and grace-filled way of parenting and being a family!

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*As Certified Parents Coaches, we receive affiliate commissions on the first purchase you may make through Connected Families.

Meeting the Connected Families Co-Founders and other coaches

Jim and Lynne Jackson (middle) are the co-founders of Connected Families and the authors of the framework. Here we are at a fortunate meeting with them and two other certified parent coaches in our area!

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