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Get to Know Us

We are deeply passionate about bringing the Kingdom of God into the world. When we got married in 2013, we were already hard at work in our church and school ministry settings. Over the years, Luisa has focused on teaching music and piano to children, and Jarrett has done the range of children, youth, and adult ministries in parish settings.

Photo of Jarrett and Luisa's Wedding
Holding baby Matthew for the last time in this life

In 2016 we had our first children, twins, who were unexpectedly born at only 22 weeks. We walked those days closest to the Lord as we received, baptized, and offered up first Joseph and then Matthew. The months and years of grief transformed us and brought us closer to each other and to the Lord's heart. In 2018, we were delighted to conceive again, until our baby Chiara died before our 12 week ultrasound from a rare partial-molar pregnancy.

In a time of intense grief and discernment, we discovered that the Lord had been preparing and calling us to the gift of adoption, and we dove into His will with all our hearts. After an exceedingly miraculous adoption journey, in 2019 we adopted a new set of twins, Peter and Elizabeth, from Luisa's home country of Colombia.

Baby Peter and Elizabeth holding hands
Baby John Paul

We received excellent trauma-informed training before and after the adoption, but found we needed more. In a season of discouragement with the difficulties of parenting (trauma issues, sensory issues, toddler issues...), God led us to Connected Families - first the podcasts, then the courses, and then the personalized parent coaching. Our family has been slowly but deeply transformed by God's truth and grace through the ministry of Connected Families and we are eternally grateful. In the midst of this, we conceived and delivered another miracle baby, John Paul, who was born healthy and well in 2021.

A year later, we enrolled in the Connected Families Parent Coach Certification program with a strong desire to both deepen our own parenting foundation and be equipped to share this transformative aspect of the gospel with others. We are not yet perfect parents, but God has grace for us in our failures, and He has the same grace for you. Get in touch with us today to begin a new season of hope in your family's journey of love.

Meeting the Connected Families Co-Founders and other coaches
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