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Here's what Built On Rock has been up to!

April 2024

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Spanish  Host  @ Connected Families Podcast Bonus Episodes

¡Escucha estos episodios especiales del pódcast de Connected Families! Donde Luisa Wendt entrevista a Esther y Roberto Reich acerca del marco de referencia de Connected Families. Los tres son asesores en la crianza certificados por Connected Families y hablarán acerca de los 4 principios (cimiento, conectar, entrenar y corregir) para poder disciplinar a nuestros hijos de una manera que nos acerca a ellos y hace que nuestros vínculos sean más fuertes sin importar su edad.

April  2024

Jarrett received a surprise invite to speak at a national marriage summit in Houston, TX. He opened the morning session with a talk on the ways our relationships with children best form them for their future marriages, combining both his experience preparing couples for marriage with his training in parent coaching! Catholic leaders from around the country were introduced to the power of the Connected Families Framework!

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April 2024

LIVE Workshops in Bellevue, IA

Marquette Catholic School hosted Jarrett and Luisa for an afternoon teacher workshop on Discipline that Connects with your Students' Hearts, paired with a complementary evening Discipline that Connects with your Child's Heart workshop for local parents!

February  2024

"We are joined by very special guests Luisa and Jarrett Wendt. Join us as we talk through the stages of creating secure attachments with our children through discipline! Those stages include Foundation, Connection, Coaching, and finally Correction. The Wendts offer advice on what couples can do to effectively send identity building messages."

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January 2024

"Listen in as Stacy chats with parent coaches Jarrett & Luisa Wendt about the parenting course that has equipped them to understand and help their sensitive children."

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Presenting on the topic of Discipline that Connects with your Child's Heart.

Breakout Session Speakers @
The  Archdiocese of Dubuque
Parenting  Conference

October  2023

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