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Questions you might have:

  • Who is Parent Coaching for?
    Parent Coaching is for parents who want to see significant growth in their parenting. Maybe they are really stuck in negative patterns and power struggles, or maybe they've spent years reading books and blogs and are desiring personalized help. Whatever the circumstances, Parent Coaching provides the guidance, accountability, and personal touch that make real growth and transformation possible to help you set your family foundation on the Rock. Aside from the great resources provided through Connected Families, it was truly the one-on-one parent coaching that helped us make critical breakthroughs in our parenting and get unstuck from cycles of anger and shame.
  • Are you faith-based?
    We are devotedly Catholic and our parenting framework is deeply Christian. The true foundation upon which we build our parenting is the Rock of Christ: experiencing the Father's deep mercy and love for us in Christ with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which heals and frees us to love our children in a truly unconditional way. Without the foundation of a restored relationship with God, every tool and strategy is ultimately unstable. With that disclaimer, we are exceedingly happy to work with anyone who does not share our faith, and to adapt our tools and principles to their situation in a spirit of understanding and charity, being sensitive to any denominational or inter-religious differences. The principles we teach will still be highly effective and useful without the undergirding spirituality.
  • Who is included in the coaching sessions? Can children attend the sessions with us?
    This coaching is for a parenting couple to take together, or for either one of the parents when attending together is not possible, or for those brave single parents. It is highly recommended to make arrangements or choose a time when you can be fully attentive and un-interrupted for the full hour so as to make the most of your time with us. If that's not possible, or if a kiddo drops in on a meeting (it happened to us!), no shame or worries. We will be happy to meet them and make the most of the situation! For our part, we will always work so that our side is interruption-free for you, as usually the one of us who is not coaching will be caring for our kids.
  • Where does the coaching take place?
    Coaching takes place via online video call. Aside from the convenience of eliminating distance and drive time, we've also found that people often feel a bit more comfortable behind a screen. For those living in the Ames, IA area, we would entertain requests for in-person coaching.
  • Why do you charge a fee for this ministry?
    We have a busy family to care and provide for. The financial support you give us enables us to share this grace-filled parenting approach without needing to seek additional side jobs to provide financially for our family. For each hour of coaching you purchase, you are sponsoring 4 hours of our ministry work: 1 hour of coaching you, an hour before and after setting up and communicating with you, an hour of outreach to other parents, and one of our hundreds of hours of training, not to mention the ongoing administrative, certification, and subscription costs to keep this ministry lively. That said, don't let the cost be a barrier. Reduced rates are available upon need, so that the grace of God may not be stifled! If it helps, feel free to consider part of the fee to be a donation to our ministry and cause. In fact, we would be very interested in donors who believe in our mission enough to help underwrite our costs and/or sponsor scholarships for families in need.
  • What are the fees and how does payment work?
    The standard price for Connected Families Parent Coaching is $120/session, which we ourselves were happy to pay for the personalized coaching that helped transform our own family. We are currently asking $100/session (sponsoring 4 hours of our ministry), and may vary our own coaching rate from time to time. Reduced rates are available based on need. An online payment fee of 3% will be added to each service to cover transaction fees. This fee will be waived for payments made by Venmo, or Zelle. Just select "Pay in Person" at checkout and we'll be in touch!
  • How long will I have to complete my 4 sessions?
    It is recommended that you schedule your sessions for every 2-3 weeks in order to keep the momentum going and the levels of the framework building up in your parenting. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from completing this within 6 months, just reach out and let us know.
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